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It’s a LibraryThing

I guess I just violated my own rule…sort of. I came across this very cool service called LibraryThing thanks to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal. The headline called it “social networking for bookworms.” I wouldn’t call myself a bookworm, but it’s still a fun (and useful) site to visit.

I just spent the last 15 minutes loading up all the various books I’ve read since I launched my blog. You can see this list at this link. LibraryThing allowed me to add links back to my blog so that I don’t have to repeat all the reviews I’ve already posted. Create an account for yourself and see if you’re not hooked in 5 minutes!

My question: Why in the world doesn’t Amazon offer a service like this?! Yeah, I know…one of the things they tell you on the virtual tour of LibraryThing is that “LibraryThing cares about books, not about SELLING books.” OK, but the LibraryThing concept would still be a nice addition to the Amazon model.

Btw, it's ironic that one of my posts yesterday had to do with Alan Meckler's notion that social networks are dead.  Ha!  This is exactly the type of new and interesting, albeit vertical, social networking application I was talking about.


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