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Nora Ganim Barnes of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth recently published this report on the blogosphere. I was fortunate enough to be one of the 74 bloggers included in her study. I see is already critical of one aspect of her report: the amount of time required to maintain a blog. While I agree that an hour (or less) per day doesn’t sound like much, it does tend to add up over the course of a week. I was one of those who answered “less than an hour” in the survey, although I’ll admit I spend more than that over the weekends.

Regardless, blogging was new to me 18 months ago. How many things can I say I dedicate an hour a day to that I only started doing in the last year? One: blogging. The truth is “an hour a day” is actually a lot of time to give when you’ve got all the other demands in life. I do agree with the note that “if you are spending less than an hour a day on your blog then expect someone else to eventually out-blog you.” I guess my problem is I’m not trying to be #1 – I’m just trying to create an interesting blog


John Pospisil

Very good point! I read that report with interest and at the time thought that an hour a day wasn't very much. However, having read your blog, and given that few of us earn a living from blogging, if you have to earn money, have a family, etc, an hour a day is a huge investment. And by the way, yes, your blog is interesting.

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