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“Web 2.0” Controversy at O’Reilly

Wow. Take a look at this thread over on the O’Reilly Radar blog. I wasn’t aware they are looking to claim full legal, exclusive ownership to the phrase “Web 2.0”, but clearly they are. I didn’t have enough time to read the many comments that have been added to the original post, but it sounds like the community has spoken…


Cecil Vortex

Would this be a bad time to tell you that I've trademarked the word "Wikert"? Also, the shape of your head.

Sorry about that. You can use them both this year....


It's not full, exclusive legal rights to the term "Web 2.0", it's a service mark for the phrase "Web 2.0 Conference". There's a tremendous difference.

David Yack

My thoughts are posted here.

Web 2.0 has been deprecated - now its Web 2.1

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