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The AdSense Code, by Joel Comm

Now here’s an author who really understands how to leverage his platform. He’s got a catchy title/cover combination, taking advantage of The DaVinci Code, of course. More importantly, take a look at his blog. He’s offering readers “over $6,900 in bonuses from top Internet success stories.”

Are the tips worth it? For a $15.72 book (discounted price on Amazon), I’d say so. It’s clear a lot of other people agree: The book was ranked #210 overall in Amazon’s book category this morning and it’s already up to #80 at noon east coast time, putting it in the #1 slot on the Computers & Internet list today. It’s too early to say whether he can sustain this sort of momentum, but I applaud the effort thus far.

An author’s platform is more important today than ever before, but it’s not just about sheer numbers and reach. If you’re an author or thinking of becoming one, what platform-related assets do you have to offer your prospective readers? Do you have access to information/material beyond what’s in your book that you could offer up via a blog/website? Could that material be used to help leverage sales of your book?

Update: It's also interesting to watch the effect Joel Comm's book has on other related titles.  For example, O'Reilly's Google Advertising Tools was ranked 8,452 yesterday and has climbed to 585 today while our own Money for Content and Your Clicks for Free jumped from 42,908 yesterday to 1,445 today.  Neither of these were on the Computer & Internet Top 100 before today and now they're both on it.  They're also both on the Amazon list of "What do customers ultimately buy after viewing items like this?" on the detail page for The AdSense Code.  Thanks Joel!


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