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While reading Joel Comm’s The AdSense Code this weekend (look for my review of the book shortly), I visited a site he recommends in a chapter on building content: I’m very impressed with the depth of content available on this site, and all of it is freely reusable on your own website/blog, provided you follow EzineArticle’s terms of service. I’m going to read some of the publishing-related articles and am likely re-post the better ones here on my blog in the future. Authors, you should visit this site too as it’s yet another vehicle you can use to broaden your platform, extend your reach, etc.


Patrick Grote

While the articles may contain great information there are two things to concern yourself with if you're interested in search engine optimization. The first is duplicate content since you'll be using the article exactly as published. There's not telling how many others are using the same article. The second is the concern about linking to sites that are unrelated to yours or exist in bad linking neighborhoods. Google is showing that links out are becoming more important, so it's wise to ensure you like out well.

Joe Wikert

Hi Patrick. Even though I came across EzineArticles because of SEO coverage in Joel Comm's book, I was more interested in them to see what sort of good info the articles might contain. That's why I look at them as a resource, much the same way I'd look at other blogs, websites, etc., as a resource. If I find something interesting, I either point to it or excerpt from it. The difference with EzineArtciles is that they don't mind if you show the full article as long as proper credit is given.

Chris Knight

Hi Joe & All,

While I know we have a range of articles (in terms of quality), an interesting stat to share is that we currently reject about 22% of every incoming article submitted to us. On a day like today, we'll have auto and manually rejected about 175-225 articles that didn't meet the posted editorial guidelines. As much as we hate to say no to incoming content, it's also important to us to have quality original content that is exclusive to the author (doesn't have to be exclusive to us)...and we work hard at keeping PLR articles out.

Rock on... :) -Chris

Sinela Gherman

Thank you for this important subject. Despite the fact that some of my articles were rejected by when promoting sites related to PLR content I do have a great respect and appreciation to this Article Site and their management team.

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