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The Case for a Creator, by Lee Strobel

I finally finished reading The Case for a Creator. It took me much longer than I originally thought, mostly because I got halfway through it, let it sit for awhile, then picked it back up again a couple of weeks ago. I also found that the first third and the last third of the book were the most interesting. It took me a lot longer to work through the middle third of the book.

Don’t let my slow reading mislead you… This is a great book. Regardless of your beliefs, you owe it to yourself to read this one. Through the use of “expert witness” interviews, a model that Strobel uses in other books, I learned quite a bit along the way.


Michael Miller

Joe: I've read several of Strobel's previous books, have been unimpressed. Previously (such as in the Case for Christ), he purported to take a journalistic view but then interviewed experts from only one side of the argument. Not very convincing. Is this book more balanced than the previous ones?

Joe Wikert

Hi Mike. I'd say the format is similar to his other books. Perhaps I'm just not as big a skeptic as you are?... I will say that most of the "experts" he interviews are ones that used to feel their scientific backgrounds couldn't support the notion of anything other than Darwin, for example; in the end, the work they've been involved with has led them to believe in a creator. Is that a biased audience? Sure, but this particular book still shows both sides of the story and was a very fascinating read.

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