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On Being a Sprint Ambassador

I mentioned the invitation I received last week for Sprint’s Ambassador program. A quick Google check indicates there are lots of other Sprint Ambassadors out there (examples here and here). The phone arrived two days after I accepted their invitation. All I can say is “wow!”  What a phone and what a service. Yes, the price is right (six months free as a participant in the program), but I’d be all over this if it weren’t for the fact that I’m already addicted to my Blackberry.

What do I love about this service? The #1 feature for me is all the multimedia functionality built in. Digital camera? That’s yesterday’s news, although this one also does a worthy job of recording video as well. No, what really caught my eye are the ways it can serve as a television or radio on top of being a very reliable phone.

The Ambassador program features Samsung’s SPH-A90 phone (available for $99.99 as an online special at Sprint’s website) that is a bit bulkier than the Nokia phones I just upgraded to for my family’s service plan. The extra weight and size are well worth it though. You might wonder how hard it is to make out the details on a TV screen that’s reduced to the size of a cell phone. Samsung has done a fantastic job with this phone though – I haven’t struggled at all watching the video feeds, and I’m now at the age where I have to wear reading glasses from time to time.

I really love the fact that Sprint offers several Sirius satellite radio stations via subscription for the phone. I’ve been holding out waiting for Samsung and Pioneer to release their next generation XM Radio devices. Thanks to the Ambassador program, I can enjoy satellite radio today while I wait to see if the new XM devices are better. The phone has two tiny speakers on each end of the clamshell hinge. They sound OK, but the bundled earbuds provide a far better listening experience. I listened to Sirius for about 3 hours yesterday and only heard a couple of very minor hiccups. As you might expect though, listening to the radio tends to drain the battery – I went from 3 battery bars to 1 over the course of the afternoon.

I’ll continue to play around with this and report back on the pros and cons. For now though, I’ve got to hand it to Sprint for not only a great product but also for having the wisdom tap into the PR and marketing power of blogs.


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