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CES Day One

Naked Conversations – The Book is Published!

Back in October I mentioned that I got my galley copy of this exciting new book, Naked Conversations, by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. Today, as I was heading out for CES, I was able to stop by the office and pick up my very own copy of the finished product. I read the galley copy weeks ago and I give the book high marks.  (Yes, I know, I'm biased...) I’m looking forward to seeing it in stores soon. More importantly, I’m anxious to catch up with Robert and Shel here at CES to see if they’d be kind enough to autograph my copy.

With any luck, I’ll have some down time over the next few days to share my thoughts on what I see here at the show… In the mean time, congrats to Robert, Shel, Jim Minatel and the rest of the team that worked on this gem.


shel israel


I would personally be very proud to autograph your book, Joe. See you on Saturday.


Yes, congrats to all. And thank you, Joe, for your blog, which I belive you started due to your seat on Shel and Scoble's red couch, and which I continue to enjoy. Hint: "Author tips" is my favorite category.

Roger Jennings

Congratulations on Shel & Robert's book and your new blog.


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