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Getting Caught Up

Although I use Bloglines as my RSS aggregator, I often let some of the feeds build up, resulting in a stockpile of unread posts going back many weeks. I finally spent some time reading a lot of the older feeds. Here are a few things I came across that caught my eye:

The Long Tail – A blog by Chris Anderson of Wired magazine. If you didn’t catch the original Long Tail article in Wired, be sure to read it here. The article thoroughly covered the concept, so I’m curious to see what more he can add with the book.

Jon Fine of BusinessWeek writes about how a “content consortium” could “put the screws to Google.” Interesting thinking, but there are two reasons I don’t see this happening. First, it would require all these different companies to work together, putting aside their individual agendas for the benefit of the larger group. Second, and related to the first point, it would also require all these different companies/egos to agree to one set of financial terms. Right. Let me know how that works…

Robert Cringely’s Stop the Presses! offers insight on not just how content is moving from print to online, but the challenge faced by traditional magazines as they deal with a content presentation model that doesn’t allow for us much advertising as print.


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