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Is Google’s latest announcement of the Google Pack really newsworthy? Heck, is it really even a “product”, or nothing more than a collection of freebies/trials you’ve been able to download individually before this announcement?

We computer book publishers often get criticized for pouring shovelware like this on CDs, but now it’s a new, exciting product from Google? I don’t get it, but maybe that’s because I’m tired of walking the floor and ready to go home.


Michael Miller

I agree totally with you, Joe. Normally, Google impresses me with its dedication to a bare basics approach. Google Pack is just the opposite. Shovelware is the correct descriptor; I wouldn't wish some of these useless programs on my worst enemy. It's very disappointing to see Google falling victim to this mentality. I can only assume they're being paid handsomely to include some of these programs in the pack.

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