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Will the Last Person Using Typepad Please Turn Out the Lights?

Yikes!  I've had my share of problems with the Typepad platform but today's situation was ridiculous!  As near as I can tell, their server must have blown up overnight and was down most of the day.  Their status page said they reposted backup content from a couple of days ago which meant everyone's Typepad blog was a bit stale.  Once the editing tools became available again tonight all bloggers were asked to manually republish their content.  Nice.

OK, maybe I picked the wrong day to forward a link to a recent post to several friends and business colleagues.  Or maybe I'm just paying for a blogging service that's less reliable than the other (free!) blogging service ( that houses my other sports-related blog.  Did I mention is  free and almost always seems to be up and running fine?  And it's free...

I know it's a hassle to switch URL's and all, but I think I've hit the limit on Typepad outages.  My one-year subscription is up in a couple of months and I think they've forced my hand.  I'll wait it out but please remind me to switch as we get closer to February.  Then again, I'm sure Typepad's periodic crashes will be a nice reminder for me...


Alfred Thompson

I love using MSN Spaces. And it's free. Full disclosure - I do work for Microsoft but I have been bloging at 3 other places as well and I like Spaces best.

shel israel


I feel your pain, and as you know shared some of it, but I for one am willing to cut Six Apart some slack. Overall they have been a very good, customer-responsive company. They were also very helpful to me in writing Naked Conversations, which should also put you on their side. If you do decide to leave them, I think is a step backward not forward. If I were to start from scratch today, I would very seriously consider WordPress because it is open source. But the genius behind has long since vacated the acquirer's premises.

Jim Minatel

Despite the typepad problems of late, I'm still hard pressed to pull the plug and move elsewhere. Is there another commercial hosted service with the range of features typepad has, a similar number of customers, and better service uptime? I'm just not seeing the benfits of moving, yet.
And, I don't have the spare time to run my own server for this, not that the uptime would be any better that way.

Joe Wikert

I'm not looking for an alternative where I'd have to pay...there seem to be far too many free options available. I don't need anything sophisticated. Blogger is definitely bare bones but it does what I need. I'll definitely look at WordPress and any other viable candidates before I make a switch.

David Yack

I would reserve a url that you wan't your blog to be at long term. For example I use - If I decide to host with or where ever I just need to switch the pointer

It's all about address portabilty!

Joel Fugazzotto


It looks like more folks are having similar problems with Typepad:

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