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Geeks On Call – 5-Minute Fixes

The best part of the job is definitely when you get to see the finished results. A few days ago I received my sample copies of a new series and publishing alliance we recently launched. The books are called …5-Minute Fixes and they’re the result of a partnership we signed with Geeks On Call, the on-site service organization with the PT Cruisers.

If you’re not familiar with Geeks On Call be sure to check them out. Although there are a number of these on-site support and repair companies out there, these guys are quickly developing a reputation as the best of the bunch. They’re also growing at a record pace, as evidenced by their ranking (#48) in Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of the Fastest Growing Franchises.

The beauty of this relationship is that Wiley knows book publishing, of course, but Geeks On Call has an incredibly rich knowledgebase of the most common types of problems users run into. I don’t think there’s a better way to construct a short, highly targeted troubleshooting guide.

The first four Geeks on Call titles are hot off the presses:

Windows XP: 5-Minute Fixes

PC's: 5-Minute Fixes

Wireless Networking: 5-Minute Fixes

Security & Privacy: 5-Minute Fixes

My thanks to Geeks on Call CEO Richard Cole and Chief Marketing Officer Taylor Mayo for all your support throughout this launch. I’d also like to thank the wonderful team at Wiley that pulled everything together: Carol Long, Tom Dinse and David Mayhew.


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