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Why I Love This Job…

Seeing the results is the best part of the job. That’s why this has been a very fun week. Yesterday I got my advance copy of Sybex’s latest game book, Age of Empires III. We’ve got a boatload of orders for this one and it should be on shelves next week. Kudos to Willem Knibbe for pulling off a miracle by signing and publishing this book in record time.

Although that would normally be enough to completely make my week, I got another great treat today: My galley copy of Robert Scoble’s and Shel Israel’s Naked Conversations hit my desk. I’ve already read a few of the chapters over on their website, but now I can read the whole book from start to finish.  Look for this one in stores in January.



Excerpting from the book description for Naked Conversations: According to these experts, blogs offer businesses something that has long been lacking in their communication with customers–meaningful dialogue. Devoid of corporate-speak and empty promises, business blogs can humanize communication, bringing companies and their constituencies together in a way that improves both image and bottom line.

Case in point: I'll be ordering this book. Thanks for letting me know about it (and, you know, publishing it too).

shel Israel

You are a day ahead of us, Joe. I don't get to see mine until tomorrow. I can't wait.

Rafael Sidi

Joe, will you offer a discount for your blog readers for Naked Conversations?

Joe Wikert

Hi Rafael. I doubt I could do that, especially since I'm not in the distribution business. Your best bet is to buy it off Amazon or visit your local retailer.


Hi Joe,

Congratz! The book is finally out of the oven and ready to hit the shelves!

I could still remember, in a previous email interview, how you had started blogging in order to sign on Robert and Shel for this book.

All the best for the book sale.

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