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Technorati? Huh?

Yet even more proof that the whole Technorati ranking system makes zero sense: For the past couple of months I’ve been posting less frequently than ever before. According to both StatCounter and TypePad, my traffic levels are well off their highs. Technorati also shows my rate of new inbound ranks is just about at its lowest level.

The result? I currently have the highest overall ranking (18,870) I’ve ever had on Technorati. This blog’s ranking is generally in the 30K-40K range. So the formula for improving your Technorati ranking is as follows:

Post less, causing fewer people to visit, comment or link to your blog. That makes perfect sense to me.

Are there any other reliable blog ranking tools out there?


Kathy Sierra

One thing that might have done this -- Technorati has just done a major overhaul on their ranking algorithms, and now favor *newer* links in to blogs more heavily than they did before (it's not about your posts; it's about who links to your posts). So your ranking went up while those with a lot of historical inertia but not as much recent activity dropped (I think "recent" means six months). They also stopped giving as much importance to links people get from old blogrolls.
You'll just have to accept your success ; )

Joe Wikert

Hi Kathy. I'm sure this is more of an algorithm problem than any sort of newfound success. I can also say that the number of new, in-bound links to my blog peaked a few months ago. I generally only see 1-3 new ones per week these days. So, if Technorati re-calculated all this over the past 6 months, it spanned both the high point and the drop-off, which isn't terribly meaningful.

An anonymous reader pointed me to PubSub as a better resource. I'm going to see if their numbers make more sense.

Blaine Moore (Run to Win)

Uhm, other "reliable" ranking systems?

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