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Technorati? Huh?

Yet even more proof that the whole Technorati ranking system makes zero sense: For the past couple of months I’ve been posting less frequently than ever before. According to both StatCounter and TypePad, my traffic levels are well off their highs. Technorati also shows my rate of new inbound ranks is just about at its lowest level.

The result? I currently have the highest overall ranking (18,870) I’ve ever had on Technorati. This blog’s ranking is generally in the 30K-40K range. So the formula for improving your Technorati ranking is as follows:

Post less, causing fewer people to visit, comment or link to your blog. That makes perfect sense to me.

Are there any other reliable blog ranking tools out there?

Mini-Microsoft: Anonymous Blogging Is Lame

If you haven’t seen this fellow’s blog, you ought to take a look at it. He’s a Microsoft employee, one who apparently has a lot of time on his hands! He puts forth quite a few solid arguments on how he thinks Microsoft should change its course. I’d totally respect the guy if it weren’t for the fact that he’s a coward. (Yes, I know he’s a “he” because that part of the mystery was revealed in a BusinessWeek article.)

If you’ve got a beef with someone (your employer, a car dealer, whoever!), don’t whine and hide behind the curtain of an anonymous blog – speak up and let them know who you are. That, or just leave!

By the way, if you look at the volume and length of his posts, you’ve got to wonder how much time he invests in his blog and when he finds the time to do all this. Even if he is managing to do all his blogging “off the clock”, it’s got to suck a ton of energy and enthusiasm out of him.

I also can’t imagine why someone who is this bitter is sticking around. If it’s “to make Microsoft a better place,” dude, this isn’t the way. You’re making bloggers look like a bunch of scared complainers.