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Bookscan -- Week Ending 10/30/05

How We Got Here, by Andy Kessler

I’ve been reading this book for the past few weeks and I finally found the time to read the last few chapters tonight. The subtitle is A Slightly Irreverent History of Technology & Markets, which is an apt description of the book. The major Parts are The Industrial Revolution, Early Capital Markets, Components Needed for Computing, Digital Computers and finally, Modern Capital Markets.

I’ve never been mistaken for a history buff. That probably comes from not paying enough attention in far too many high school classes. Now I pay the price because I find the older I get, the more interested I am in learning about this stuff.  Books like Kessler’s make learning a treat. He’s got a great writing style with just enough humor to reinforce the point but not get in the way. This book is to capital markets and technology what Bill Bryson’s book is to science. They both break down the complex into terms we can all understand.

By the way, although I read the paperback edition, the author is offering free downloads of the book in PDF format.


Kevin Cullis

Hi Joe,

Just a quick comment. Could you please spell out the book title you're mentioning from Amazon and don't say "this book." It takes a second or two to write the title in but it saves seconds for those that either currently have to mouse over the link to see the title or click on it to see the book title. Thanks

Joe Wikert

Hi Kevin. I didn't spell it out in the body of the post because I used the book title as the post title (How We Got Here). Sorry that this wasn't clear.

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