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Bookscan – Week Ending 9/18/05

Here’s a quick look at the top 750 titles in the computer/tech category for the most recent week:

1. Pearson/Penguin            33%
2. Wiley                             29%
3. O’Reilly                          16%
4. Microsoft Press              11%
5. Osborne/McGraw-Hill        5%

Comparing that to the summary from a couple of weeks ago, Pearson is down one point, Wiley is up two points, O’Reilly is down one point while Microsoft Press and Osborne/McGraw Hill are both flat.

Out of the top 10 titles for the week, Wiley had 4, Pearson had 3 while Microsoft Press, O’Reilly and Osborne/McGraw-Hill each had one – in other words, all of the top 5 publishers had at least one title in the top 10.


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