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Podcasting and New Music

I’m almost a week into experimenting with podcast downloads to my MP3 player. Although I have yet to find a tool that’s perfectly suited to my needs, I’m finding that even a manual loading process (from website to MP3 player) is pretty simple. More importantly, there’s loads of great content out there to choose from…

My favorite so far? The Rock Show from The Podcast Network. How can I not love a program with a tagline that plays off one of my favorite Spinal Tap moments (“This show goes to eleven”)?! Every week your host, Ewan Spence, plays the six most interesting, new songs from all the ones he’s recently received from up-and-coming bands. The result is a half hour of new, good, commercial-free music with minimal DJ introductions.

My colleague Jim Minatel likes to say that ever since I got my MP3 player I’ll never have to listen to any music made after 1979. Well, aside from the fact that very little good music has been made since then, I almost fell into that trap. Thanks to The Rock Show, I can listen to great new music every week without having to listen to those lousy DJ’s and annoying commercials. Oh, and did I mention that I haven’t listened to the radio for almost an entire month now? How did I survive before buying this MP3 player?!…


Ewan Spence

Hey there,

Thank you very much for your comments on TPN Rock: The Rock Show. I'm glad you enjoy the music - I do to, and it's also great to find out that the amount of talking I do is 'just enough' to keep the show trucking, but not enough to take over. Part of me is also glad that the one minute advert in the middle of the show (advertising the other TPN shows just now) didn't come over as commercials - it does cost in terms of time (and bandwidth) for popular shows, so this slot (amximum of one minute, I promise) will eventually carry a commercial, and I hope you understand when it does appear!

Ewan Spence

One thing I did want to ask... how did you find out about The Rock Show? Searching? A friend told you? A big boy did it and ran away? :-)

Joe Wikert

Hi Ewan. Thanks for stopping by. I came across The Rock Show as a result of a quick Google for various types of podcasts. Keep up the great work -- it's an excellent alternative to the radio!


I just discovered the ins & outs of podcasting today. Thanks for the tip as to what to listen to. I'm totally underutilizing my iTunes account and iPod. Not any more.

BTW, I'm going to link to your blog both on my personal site and on one that I maintain for a small publisher. The latter is


Joe Wikert

Hi Kristen. Thanks for stopping by and supporting this blog. I'm glad to year you're jumping into the podcasting world. Let me know if you come across any other great ones like The Rock Show. I've now got every episode on my MP3 player and am always looking for more.


I just subscribed to "The Bluegrass Radio Show" and am going to see how I like it. Are you going to produce a Podcast at any point? I plan to, both for the day job and pertaining to my writing. This week is all about the Podcast for me. I'm getting Garage Band onto my laptop this week so I can really get a handle on this and see how it can aid publishing/marketing efforts too.

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