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iRiver AFT 100 Mobile FM Transmitter

After much searching and disappointment, I finally found a great FM transmitter for my MP3 player. I started out with a cheap-o, battery-powered unit I bought at Target. It only cost me $17 but it was a waste of money. It was one of those with 4 presets for the lower end of the FM dial. Sure, it worked every so often, but it faded in and out and sometimes had more static than a bad phone connection.

While searching for a better alternative, one of the clerk’s at Fry’s suggested I try the iRiver model. Great choice. I’ve had it now for a couple of weeks and I have zero complaints. There are three reasons why I love this thing:

  1. It doesn’t run on batteries. I was constantly replacing batteries in the cheap-o transmitter and always wondering if the weak signal was the result of fading power. This one plugs right into the cigarette lighter and has a cord long enough for any vehicle.
  2. It lets you use any FM frequency, not just the lower end of the dial. Can’t get a clear signal at 88.1? Try 93.7, or 98.5, or any other FM frequency. It also has 3 presets so you can lock down the ones that work best.
  3. As Steely Dan said, “No static at all”. OK, I’ve heard static once or twice over the past couple of weeks, but 99% of the time it’s crystal clear.

I haven’t listened to an FM radio station since sometime in May. With 3,400+ MP3’s to choose from and the iRiver FM transmitter for the car, I might never have to listen to “Bob & Tom” or any of those other knuckleheads again!


Jim Minatel

Congratulations. You'll never have to listen to any music recorded after 1979 again! I'll turn my music up a little louder and see if I can't turn you into a Gretchen Wilson and Kenny Chesney fan yet. :)

Joe Wikert

Yes Jim, only music from before 1980...that, and all the IRL podcasts I can handle. You've really turned me on to the racing scene. I mean, who can possibly get too much of those exciting races that end on caution?!

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