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Blackberry: 1, Yahoo! Music Unlimited: 0

I was fortunate enough to get an upgrade to the latest Blackberry device, the 7100t. Wow, what a great product! It’s much faster than the previous model and the T-Mobile service is a heck of a lot more reliable. In fact, on a recent 2-day trip to San Francisco, I didn’t even bring my laptop. Sure, my fingers got a bit sore typing on that tiny keyboard, but it beat the heck out of lugging my computer all the way out and back. If you have a chance, give this device a try. You won’t regret it.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I finally bought a real MP3 player. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks loading up every CD I can find in my house. 2,800+ songs later, I still have 30 Gig of storage space left. My original plan was to subscribe to Yahoo’s new Music Unlimited program. Big mistake. Even though my player is still considered a new/current model, Yahoo doesn’t support it…at least not yet. I tried the service for a couple of days but quickly discovered I couldn’t copy the files to the MP3 player. Too bad. It looks like a great service. I guess I’ll have to check in with Napster or one of the other offerings. All I want is a broad selection for unlimited download. Any recommendations?


No limits

It's up to the player manufacturer to support Windows Media subscription. It's not about Yahoo. Anything that doesn't work with Yahoo won't work with Napster or the other subscription services either. Blame the player, not the game. :)

John Helmus

I cannot agree more completely. I had Palm stuff for years and then switched to an HP Ipaq...then I got my first Blackberry and the world is not the same.

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