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Michael Hyatt’s Corporate Blogging Rules

Michael Hyatt is the President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. His Working Smart blog is a good one to keep an eye on. He’s a very forward thinking executive and is encouraging Thomas Nelson employees to join the blogosphere. In fact, his latest post talks about plans for a corporate blog aggregator site.

He lists three objectives for the site, but his last one is my favorite: To give people a look at what goes on inside a real publishing company. That’s been one of the goals for my own blog. However, my posts are from the publisher’s perspective alone and only represent one piece of the larger puzzle. I’m working on some of my colleagues from other departments (e.g., marketing, sales, etc.) and I hope to see their blogs launch shortly.

Later in his post Michael presents the “Thomas Nelson Blog Terms and Conditions”. Few companies have taken the time to establish a formal blogging policy like this. I applaud what Michael Hyatt is doing and I look forward to the launch of the Thomas Nelson aggregator site. Won’t it be great when every company has a site like this and we’ll be able to peek inside, see what makes it tick and learn a little more about the people behind the scenes?


Jason Marcuson

Hi Joe-

After I make my blog a little more appropriate for work, I'll share it with you. :)


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