Tinkering with the Publishing Model

Dave Taylor -- One Smart Guy!

Looking for a wealth of information on publishing? Dave is a very experienced author and extremely knowledgeable techie to boot. He’s already chimed in on a couple of my earlier posts, so I got curious and decided to check out his websites.  I wasn’t disappointed.

First up: AskDaveTaylor.com. Wow, what a great resource for technology and publishing! I spent a lot of time reading through Dave’s Writing Business Q&A, then moved on to some of the tech items. I was disappointed to see that Dave has already covered a couple of things I planned to feature in future posts (e.g., the financials of publishing and finding/choosing a publisher). He’s done an excellent job outlining the basics – I might still go ahead and cover them down the road, especially if enough of you request the publisher’s point of view. If you’re a Firefox user (and if you’re not, you need to become one!), be sure to read Dave’s post on optimization – it only took me about 2 minutes to implement his recommended settings.

Dave also has a separate blog where he discusses business, marketing, communication, etc. It too is loaded with interesting posts including the Google Toolbar 3 beta and Are Blogs the Digital Equivalent of ADD? Don’t go there unless you’re prepared to do some serious thinking!

I like AskDaveTaylor.com so much that I’m adding it to my list of favorite websites. There’s a lot I can learn from this guy.


Dave Taylor

Gosh, now I'm embarrassed, Joe. Thanks.

Joel Comm

I have to concur. Taylor is indeed a fountain of wisdom and technical expertise. On top of all those smarts, he's also a fine human being. And that's all I have to say about that.

Daniel Gray

Dave is indeed brilliant. Now with that out of the way, how about a pitch for my next book? :)

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