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One of our authors, Danny Ayers, was kind enough to help promote my blog while simultaneously poking fun at the length of some of my initial posts. Yes Danny, I do ramble on a bit…I’ll work on that.

Despite the sub-title of this blog (Book Publishing and Technology Perspectives), I’ve been focusing on the former and haven’t talked much about the latter. I’ll work on more of a balanced approach going forward, starting with this post.

I consider Microsoft’s NetMeeting to be one of the most under-appreciated utilities available. Most projects require some level of collaboration. Regardless of whether your co-worker is in the next office or across the country, NetMeeting is a very useful tool that helps get everyone on the same page.

Up until about a year ago, my boss was in New York and I work out of Indianapolis. Every month or two we’d have to construct a set of documents for our latest business forecast. We’d hook up via NetMeeting, walk through the core docs, make changes on the fly, discuss the ramifications of changing x to y, etc. NetMeeting allowed both of us to see the same spreadsheet or other document at the same time and comment on the results. Sure, there are other collaboration tools out there. Many of them aren’t cheap. But if you haven’t done so yet, give NetMeeting a try and see if it doesn’t help with your collaboration efforts.


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