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Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners, by Oliver Theobald

Machine Learning Abs BegNow that I've read a few books and have taken a trio of AI courses I wanted to share that Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners is a must-read for anyone interested in AI and/or machine learning. The reason why this is such a valuable resource has to do with what I discovered after I read it.

I chose the Kindle edition of this one and I'm glad I did. Now that I've reached the end I realize how many fundamental definitions and descriptions were presented throughout. In fact, as I look through my Kindle highlights I see they read like a Cliffs Notes of important AI/ML concepts.

If you've never looked at a Kindle book this way I encourage you to do so by going to and finding an ebook you've highlighted or added notes to. This is a much better view than what you'll find in the Kindle app itself, especially on a larger monitor. The only drawback to viewing highlights and notes in the link is that you can't export them; in order to pull them out of the Amazon ecosystem you need to use the export feature in the Kindle app.

Back to the book... As the title suggests, if you don't know anything about AI this is a terrific place to start. That said, even though I didn't discover and read it till further along in my journey I'm confident it will be a frequently accessed, important resource in my library.


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