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Rule of the Robots, by Martin Ford

Udemy's AI for Business course

Udemy logoThere are a large (and growing) number of AI courses available online so it was hard to pick just one to focus on initially. I ended up choosing Udemy's Artificial Intelligence for Business and I'm glad I did. Why? The instructors do an amazing job presenting even the most complex topics in the simplest of terms.

If you're looking for a quick and breezy tour through AI this course isn't for you. There are approximately 15 hours of video instruction and, most importantly, familiarity with Python, or a similar programming language, is crucial. I started my career as a software engineer but that was quite a few years ago. Fortunately for me, even though I never wrote in Python my C and C++ experience came in handy; if you know your way around loops, conditionals, objects, etc., you should be able to keep up in this course.

One of the reasons I give AI for Business such a glowing review is because the instructors go painstakingly, line by line, through each block of code presented. Every. Single. Line.

There's also a companion ebook which contains more narrative and all the code presented in the course. It was nice to have that handy to flip back and forth as I got deeper into the three use-cases presented.

I plowed through the bulk of the course during some PTO I took over the holidays (as well a few evenings/weekends afterwards) and was able to complete it in a few short weeks. At the end you'll receive a completion certificate like mine, which I subsequently added to my LinkedIn profile.

One of the benefits to taking a broad initial course like this is that it provides much of the foundational information needed as I dig deeper into AI, machine learning, and some of the more popular algorithms. 


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