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AI that caught my eye

Here are three quick links to AI stories that got my attention this week:

  1. The possibilities for AI transforming document processing are seemingly endless. As you read this article give thought to how these models could save time, reduce expense and expose more meaningful information from the reams of paper flowing through your organization.
  2. If you think AI and machine learning will lead to dull, boring, scripted outcomes, think again. Serendipity can (and should) be built into pretty much everything. Some technologies already provide more serendipity than the in-person experience they augment or replace. Expect that trend to continue.
  3. Can AI lead to a learning experience that's better than traditional instructor led classrooms? A good overview of what the future might hold can be found in AI 2041, the terrific book I reviewed earlier. This article shows how it's being leveraged today and the outcomes are already very promising.


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