FanNation: A Sports Junkie's Dream

FannationWhether you're a Sports Illustrated subscriber or not, all sports fans need to check out SI's FanNation website. They tout it as "The Republic of Sport" and I think they've built a winner; judging by this Alexa graph it's fair to say they're making a splash.  It's an all-in-one sports portal where you can not only follow your favorite teams/players but also join in the dialog with other community members.

Yes, there are loads of other sites out there like this, some of which only have a few pieces of what FanNation offers; I've never found one I like that much but I can definitely see becoming a regular visitor to this one.  I'd still like to see them add a couple of other features: First, a widget system that would allow me to pull the feeds for my favorite teams/players onto my desktop.  Second, and more importantly, I'd love to see them add the smackdown feature I lobbied for in this earlier post...

This site definitely has the potential to fuse together the best of professional sports reporting with community perspective, creating the so-called "ProAm solution."

Our 8th Hit of 2007: Pro XNA Game Programming

Pro_xnaOur editorial team continues to produce bestsellers.  I mentioned in earlier posts here and here how we've had 7 new books hit Amazon's Top 25 Computers & Internet list in calendar 2007.  Our total has now reached 8 with the new WROX book, Professional XNA Game Programming.  The book is just hitting stores but it's currently #22 at Amazon and has been climbing fast all week.

Congratulations to executive editor Chris Webb and the rest of the editorial team on this latest hit!

Warcraft Legal Battles

Here's an interesting story about a fellow named Brian Kopp and his battles with the makers of World of Warcraft.  It seems Mr. Kopp has been trying to sell an unauthorized guide to the game, upsetting the game's publisher, Blizzard Entertainment.

For what it's worth, if the book does not include any copyrighted text/storylines from the game and makes "fair use" of some screenshots, as Kopp's complaint says, it seems as though he should be able to sell the book without being hassled.  I'm curious to see how this one plays out...

Why I Love This Job…

Seeing the results is the best part of the job. That’s why this has been a very fun week. Yesterday I got my advance copy of Sybex’s latest game book, Age of Empires III. We’ve got a boatload of orders for this one and it should be on shelves next week. Kudos to Willem Knibbe for pulling off a miracle by signing and publishing this book in record time.

Although that would normally be enough to completely make my week, I got another great treat today: My galley copy of Robert Scoble’s and Shel Israel’s Naked Conversations hit my desk. I’ve already read a few of the chapters over on their website, but now I can read the whole book from start to finish.  Look for this one in stores in January.