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September 09, 2013


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R Bggs

Or, maybe they just effectively *raised* the price of print books by $2.99. As it currently stands, very few people purchase the ebook AND the print book. Until now, it has been an either/or proposition. Amazon has (1) made the more expensive print book seem more economical, and (2) made it more likely that customers will purchase both the print and the ebook.

Stephen L Nelson

>overarching goal of offering the world's lowest prices.

Man oh man, I echo your concern about the profitability of these sorts of gambits for the content guys.

I recently had the experience of "porting" an ebook I'd written and sold from niche information websites to Kindle. My experience (which admittedly is just a few weeks in length) is that Amazon's kindle program sells fewer units at lower prices and way higher returns/refunds.

And now they want to push out more "volume" at even lower prices? That just won't be profitable for the content producers... Oh, wait...What's that Jeff? You don't know how to make a profit in publishing? Okay, now it all makes sense...


If I bought the physical book the ebook should be free. I'm certainly not going to re-buy a book I already paid for. This doesn't diminish the value of books. Furthermore there is nothing that entitles publishers to make any major profits. In fact just like music there are now so many books, and they're coming out so fast, that they are simply a commodity, because in both areas the distributors can no longer act as gatekeepers creating the illusion of scarcity to drive up prices.

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