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April 30, 2012


Paul Foth

What a completely sensible idea, Joe. Expanding on it a bit, and riffing on your earlier idea of being able to buy the electronic margin notes someone like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett makes in an ebook, how about being able to browse the BookAnd stores of folks like that, or of some of your favorite writers?

Daniel Meloy

Wow, this is a very cool idea. It's quite simple, a sort of "well why didn't I think of that?!" app. I think people will really enjoy this digitalized book browsing, especially since the majority of the BookAnd locations you'll be visiting will be your friends, and it's always fun to see how your friends like to organize their things, express themselves, and then you can catch up on their latest reads as well!

Also, while I agree that reading is a solitary activity, it leads to social activities. Some of the best discussions I've ever had are over books, and those discussions very often lead to non-book related discussions as well. Simply by reading a book you may fill an entire evening with your friends!

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