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March 05, 2012


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Mike Manz

Welcome to the Transformer club, you're going to love it here. :)

I have the first gen (TF101)tablet, and couldn't be happier with it. I do most of my writing (all of my blog posts and short fiction, and occasionally the novel)on it, although I edit on the desktop.

The app orientation glitches are likely due to using an app that was designed for a phone rather than a tablet. I've had the same issue with some apps, but never anything that was specifically labelled as being compatible with the Transformer.

Mogens Nielsen

Funny how I was actually thinking this morning how happy I was for my TF201 Prime!
As you may remember I got mine a few days before you got yours and I agree with 98% of your statement above.
The landscape vs portrait happens on some Apps and like Mike I think it happens because they were made for phones not Tablets. Case in point is TweetDeck, it almost always start out in portrait even though I am holding the Tablet in landscape. It is obvious that this App was made for phones as it doesn't let me display multiple columns like its desktop counterpart.
The missing "Killer App" is maybe a minor issue but as most newer Apps exists on both platforms it will disappear over time
I agree with your concerns on too many free Apps and not enough paid. I have noticed how a couple Apps I would like to see are there in a free version but not paid. The free version doesn't have all the features I am looking for, and it is unlikely anyone will ever make a paid version with the features included as the market will be too small. I am afraid that this behavior will lead to acceptance of mediocrity when it comes to Apps.

In any case I love my Prime and wouldn't trade it for any other device.

Scott Walker

I just got my Prime-- and the decision was largely based on this post -- but, shoot, I am about to go buy a Macbook Air. Is it just my keyboard -- granted, the layout will take some getting used to -- and trackpad, but is this Prime just plain aggravating to work with? Scrolling is a nightmare -- it often takes a dozen attempts before the trackpad scroll "takes"; placing the cursor in a particular spot is plain hard; and navigating out of spell check is disheartening. Is it just my trackpad? Or do I need to be more patient with the learning curve?

Joe Wikert apologies. I'm sorry you're not as happy with your Prime as I am with mine. I'm not having the trackpad issues that you are because I disabled mine almost immediately. I find it's easier to just reach out and touch the screen since it's so close. That said, I do find the scrolling sometimes lags my hand movement. I seem to have pinpointed that to a number of things that were running in the background. I have the same problem with my Android phone, so I downloaded a free app called Memory Booster that does a great job killing everything I don't want running. I also discovered I had set too many apps to automatically download on update; that was causing all sorts of background activity I didn't want. Once I addressed both of those issues my scroll delays largely disappeared.

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