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March 21, 2011


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Aaron Pressman

I'd happily settle for just a Wordpress of ebook or e-magazine publishing

Kathy Sierra

This might be the best post I have seen on authoring/publishing. Ever.

Not only do I agree enthusiastically, but I think it is THE most important question in the Future of Publishing. I was somewhat disappointed that the balance of discussions at TOC is still so heavily-focused on production and delivery from the publisher perspective (and some on What The Reader Wants), when the authoring experience is the place most in need of a massive redesign, and with the greatest potential to make a difference.

Your comparison between GarageBand is an excellent one. And I remember attending heated discussions at UCLA entertainment studies (when I taught there in the mid 90's) when people were telling us why there could never be a program for making "music" the way there were so many graphical apps for non-artists.

I do not know if you saw mh TOC talk, Joe, but at the end I have a couple of ridiculous slides asking what if the authoring experience could be something that was "life-affirming" or like going to a spa ;).

If you ever want to work on this, seriously, I am with you!


I could not agree with you more! For years I've been asking why there is not more support for independents in the literary scene. We've reached a point in film and music where indies are given as much (if not more!) respect than mainstream releases - why not with novels?

Speaking of which... (nervously clears throat)... I'm a Toronto based writer who is releasing my self-published book tomorrow! I make all my books by hand, and I've been blogging about the entire production process.

Please check out and support a fellow who is, in his own weird way, trying to build a literary garage band!

Ed Renehan

Concur completely. You are spot-on.

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