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October 11, 2010


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Personally, I hate the thought of social media in my books. I want to get lost in a novel, not be constantly looking for things to Tweet about. If (when?) publishers and manufacturers DO start incorporating it into books, I sincerely hope that device manufacturers offer a way to turn it off.

Gary Smailes

For me I think we have entered a 'battle of the platform'. Apple seem short sighted to believe that we will stick to Apple products to read our books. Amazon have the advantage, they seem to see that even if we don't buy a Kindle, we will still use the Kindle app on our android phone. However, until the markets settles following the introduction of new android tablet devices, I suspect it is still too early to tell...

I would be interested to hear you thoughts on whether we will see cross-country editions of books. Will the time come when their is just one Amazon store that will be accessible by readers from all over the world, or will we still with territory sensitive publishing restrictions?

medieval clothing

I certainly like this social media page.l It gives us the chance to communicate fast and easy.

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