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August 03, 2009


Josh Clark

Interesting! If you've got a handful of premium authors/people you want to follow, then this kind of single-purpose app could indeed be a great way to keep up with them. If you have a bevy of gurus you want to keep up with, though, it would be more useful to have an app that could follow all at once -- a kind of souped up FriendFeed for iPhone.

You make a great point, too, about how apps like "All Things D" could be skinned and used as a platform by many authors/publications. It seems that NewsGator, the gang behind NetNewsWire, is thinking along the same lines. Developer Brent Simmons recently wrote of his forthcoming NetNewsWire 2.0 iPhone app:

Along the way we discovered it was generalizable and that there’s a business doing private-label apps based on the same foundation that will power NetNewsWire 2.0. The highest-profile example is All Things Digital — if you use it, you are in a way using an early version of NetNewsWire 2.0.

You're onto something!


Omigod. I would KILL for a Bill Simmons and a Steve Rushin app. When both of them were gone from Sports Illustrated, I gave it up.

Bill Seitz

It seems to me like it would make more sense to have a multi-source RSS stream.

FriendFeed is definitely the existing solution that comes to mind.

But some other service that lets you pick a bunch of existing RSS feeds (that you *create*, not read), and make a union-of-stream single feed for people to subscribe to, makes a lot of sense. Maybe FeedBurner should do it.

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