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June 29, 2009


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Luca Fabbri

Another fitting example from the past is the personal computer in the late '70s and early '80s. Lots of hardware manufacturers fought a battle of devices, but the real winner was Microsoft.

There's a chance for publishers today to take advantage of the looming ebook device battle and take Microsoft's role in this unfolding play. While they still have a relatively solid grip on content, they have to come up with that elusive "book of the future" that makes some of us so excited. While devices and infrastructure will be key enablers, I think it's fair to expect that the book of the future will be mostly a software and social platform.

Janice Campbell

I've been selling a couple of my non-fiction niche titles as both e-books and p-books for several years, and e-book sales continually run at about 30% of p-book sales. The percentage would actually be higher if it weren't for the fact that I sell the p-books wholesale as well, and run an occasional sale.

From my perspective, any for-profit publisher that doesn't jump on the e-book bandwagon, Kindle format or other, has rocks in his/her head. Which I mean in the kindest possible way, of course.

Janice Campbell
National Association of Independent Writers and Editors

Donny Pauling

As a reader that has owned my first Kindle (the DX) for a week as of today, I can tell you this:

1. I've barely picked up my laptop these last 7 days, instead answering email and reading blogs with my iPhone (this comment comes from my iPhone) while taking breaks from reading my Kindle.

2. I have already purchased 28 books for my Kindle DX and subscribed to one newspaper (the San Francisco Chronicle).

3. I see a lot of room for Kindle improvement and look forward to a competing product from Apple - in fact I waited until now to buy the Kindle because I'd hoped Apple would announce such a competitor at this month's developer conference.

4. I wish more publishers had their books available for Kindle - a few books I wanted to publish weren't available yet.

5. This is definitely the future of publishing! I love it.

Donny Pauling

Oops- number 4 should have said "purchase", not "publish".

Francis Hamit

Kindle sales of "The Shenandoah Spy", my Civil War spy thriller, still run about one percent of the print version by volume. I'm hoping that picks up now that Kindle files can be downloaded to iPhone, but the the iPhone community still doen't seem to know this is possible. A guy I was playing poker with last week in Las Vegas was able to access the page for the book from his iPhone, but had not idea he could download the book. He also commented that the iPhone screen is much brighter and harder to read long text on than the Kindle. He said he sees lots of them in airports, so they seem to be a favorite among the "Road Warrior" set, probably for the same reason that truck drivers like audio books; ease of use while traveling.

I would really like to see this market take off. But so far, it hasn't

Francis Hamit

Mr. Curtis is worried about Amazon using BookSurge to print all the copies they sell? With "Search Inside the Book" ,which they are rather insistent upon, they have the digital files to print ANY of those books print-on-demand from their own machines -- without paying a royalty. No one has caught them doing this -- yet. Their reputation with vendors, especially small ones, is less than shining. Their top-down style of dealing does make it hard to trust them completely.

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