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Fox bizI might not have the time to write a blog post over lunch on Thursday because I'm leaving around noon to do an interview on the Fox Business channel.  That's right.  Set your DVR to record from 1-2 PM (eastern time) tomorrow (Thursday, 7/17) and then get ready to critique my performance.

The interview will be with Fox's Stuart Varney and should air at approximately 1:45 PM.  I'm told he'll be asking me about the current state of the book publishing industry, what the future looks like, etc.  If Fox winds up showing the interview on their website I'll do a follow-up post with a link to it.  Of course, all this is contingent on me not getting preempted by some other more newsworthy topic...so keep your fingers crossed for a slow news day tomorrow.


Sephen Tiano

Heady stuff, Joe. Think about this: Much of business and the economy is psychological. That is, what you say could end up being an influence—either because people are dying for signs that it's time to start feeling optimistic (and the upswing that eventually brings) or they're looking for justification of bearish, depressed feelings. And different combinations of positive and negative feelings. So if you say the right stuff maybe you can contribute to keying off the next positive run in the economy or—in a more limited context, thepublishing world.

Or not.

Joanne G.

Having been off all summer, I have been able to actually delve into my computer. Found this blog....pretty cool. I will be eager to see your debut on television today!

Kat Meyer

Yey, Joe!

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