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100 Sites for Answers

Question mark sign I use the Wikipedia.  You use the Wikipedia.  We all use the Wikipedia.  It's great...there's no doubt about it.  But what about all those other sites that offer loads of answers to your endless list of questions?  Sure, Google is an excellent starting point and it's introduced me to quite a few answer-related sites, but which ones are the best?  (See?  I even have questions about questions!)

The nice folks at DistanceDegress.com have given this some thought and offered up a handy post called Lose Your Wikipedia Crutch: 100 Places to Go for Good Answers Online.  It's easy to get lost in all these great sites in the list.  Fortunately for us, DistanceDegrees has broken them down by categories, so maybe you should just focus on Encyclopedias today, the Science and Math section tomorrow, etc. :-)

What a great resource.  I've already bookmarked it for future reference.


Robert Walker

Great list. Thanks for the link!



Thanks Joe for sharing this info, very usefull and a good place for searching an answer.


Yes, thanks for the great list and information. It is very easy to get online and lose 3-4 hours jumping from site to site. I tend to hang around the same handful like wiki, google, yahoo, technorati, and digg. From those, I tend to find what I need to know. Nice site.

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