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June 25, 2008


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Tracy Coenen

Joe - What do you think of the author blogs that Amazon lets authors create on its site? I've been participating because I figure it can't hurt, but wonder if it really truly helps sales. What's your take?

Here's mine:

And you may appreciate this... In my profile you see that I investigate fr@ud. Amazon would not let me use the actual word "fraud" and kept giving me a message to not use derogatory words.

Joe Wikert

Hi Tracy. I think Amazon blogs are worthwhile for most authors. I just worry that it would force an author to come up with different posts than what they might be doing on their own, separate blog. If I were an author faced with this dilemma I'd just post articles in both places. You never know how someone might find you, so why not leverage Amazon's platform as well?

Tracy Coenen

You read my mind. I blog a lot on my own site and I just copy over posts that are more pertinent to the topic of my book. No need to write new material for Amazon!


Hi Joe,
Thanks so much for the shout-out for Books on the Nightstand. As you can guess, I fall pretty squarely in Kassia's camp when it comes to publisher blogs.

As an industry, we've always struggled with the concept of consumer awareness of our brands. While a few very tightly-focused publishing programs have succeeded in building an identity with consumers, large general trade publishers have found it to be a challenge. By "branding" the people behind the books, we have an opportunity to connect with customers in a way that hasn't been done before.

As an informed reader, I "follow" certain editors who tend to acquire books that speak to me. There's no reason why the general book reader can't find similar connections.

Thanks again for a very thoughtful post!


Kassia Krozser

I feel a little awkward posting a comment after reading such nice words, but, wow, thanks for getting what I was saying! And understanding the broader implications -- the entire social possibility -- of my message. I think the passion for whatever your imprint is publishing needs to be put out there for the world to see!

I think you should be incredibly proud of what you're doing here (and I know you are!). I love the broad-minded approach to subject matter -- since this isn't a "publisher" blog, you get to move into a lot of interesting territory (I admit it...I get new insights from you).

PS -- So sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you at BEA. You were quite the elusive soul.

Joe Wikert

Ann and Kassia, thanks for stopping by. Kudos to both of you on the work you've done with your blogs. Kassia, it would have been great to meet you in person at BEA but I'm afraid I rarely if ever attend. In fact, I'm pretty sure I haven't been to a BEA in more than 10 years. I hope to make it to TOC next year though, so if you're attending as well perhaps we can finally put faces with names!

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