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Jeff Bezos Article in Fortune

Fortune_2Want to learn a bit more about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and what he's been up to lately?  If so, be sure to read this Fortune article by Josh Quittner.  Here are some of the more noteworthy excerpts that caught my eye:

Amazon now accounts for 6% of the $136 billion online retail market in the U.S. - up from 5.1% in 2006

His (Bezos') rise into Fortune 500-dom actually has little to do with innovation and more to do with iteration. If anything, Amazon demonstrates how a cutting-edge Internet company - of all things - can succeed slowly. The trick is taking a million tiny steps - and quickly learning from your missteps.

Who your competitors are and what they're doing now, he insists, has little bearing on the fundamentals of running a business: "Whatever your set of competitors is today is transitory. You'd have to change your strategy all the time!"

At Apple's iTunes store, two thirds of the music sold is single tracks and one third is albums. But at Amazon, two thirds of the music sold is albums and one third is tracks.

(Third-party retailer) business accounts for a third of all unit sales.

50% of Amazon's revenue comes from international sales, with Germany, the UK and Japan each accounting for 10%.

(Approximately) 300,000 developers already use Amazon Web Services.


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