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The Newest Kindle Download: Joe2Go!

Kindle3_2In a lunchtime post today I mentioned that Jim LaRoche was working on another feature for my blog's new Joe2Go option.  I couldn't mention it then because it wasn't ready at the time, but it is now and it's pretty cool.  If you own a Kindle you can grab the 2007 Publishing 2020 archive for it via this link.  Granted, it's 99 cents vs. the free PDF you can get via this link, but hey, it's for the Kindle (and Amazon insists on a minimum price of 99 cents)!

I'm pretty sure this is the first blog archive to be offered on the Kindle platform.  Yes, I'm aware of the blog access Amazon sells for the Kindle, but I haven't seen any other blog archives available for it.  Please correct me if I'm wrong...

Once Jim gets the 2005 and 2006 archives assembled they'll also be made available as Kindle downloads.


Jim Leous

Or you could get the PDF and e-mail it to your Kindle (allegedly $0.10/e-mail PDF conversion) and save about $0.89. When you think about it, there's little reason the Kindle can't support PDF natively.

Joe Wikert

Hi Jim. I totally agree!

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