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Lightbulb_2Search engine optimization (SEO) gets a lot of attention as a valuable technique to improve your website/blog's search results within Google, Yahoo, etc., but have you ever given much thought to SEO within Amazon?  This excellent post on the Big Bad Book Blog is called "Have You Optimized Your Amazon Page?" and is required reading for authors, publishers, editors and anyone else who wants to make sure their products get maximum visibility on Amazon.


Chris Webb

Good stuff, and very important that authors take note to maximize their exposure at

I wrote about this earlier this year as well.

Bob Baker

Joe, thanks for the link to this great post!

I've given a couple of talks about the power of promoting your books on Amazon. People are always amazed by the dozens of little things they can do to create awareness on the site.

For example, in addition to soliciting customer reviews of your own books on Amazon, be sure to post reviews of other, more popular books that appeal to your target reader. And end each review with "[your name], author of [title]." It works!

It's all about planting seeds across Amazon and leaving bait in the places where your ideal customers are searching and congregating.

Bob Baker

SEO Checklist

Amazon is great for SEO. If you are a company with products on Amazon it can create a lot of extra traffic when optimized well.

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