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WeshowBob Pittman, founder of MTV, has a new venture called WeShow which is described in this article.  I've poked around a bit on the site and it looks impressive.  I'd say my online viewing habits are limited to 2-3 videos per week; I generally only watch videos that a friend/relative has suggested and I'm not inclined to search for videos.  Why?  YouTube and Google Video just seem like piles of random stuff to me.  I know they have channels and other ways of sorting things out, but I've never been a video site power user.

Could a site like WeShow change my habits?  Quite possibly.  Then again, there's that difference between the lean-back approach to watching TV and the lean-forward one for online videos.  I'm more likely to surf the TV than I am a video site.  Maybe that's a function of my age, but I don't see my kids spending hours searching for videos on YouTube either.

The thing I like about WeShow is that it's organized by humans.  This excerpt from the article pretty much sums it up:

WeShow because we know: You haven't got the time or the inclination to wade through poor quality and unorganized videos; you want what you want when you want it -- no badly organized and far-flung video chaos; there's no algorithm for funny, sexy, or interesting; and the English speaking world is not the only place where content is created or enjoyed.

So if this site turns out to be a great place to catch all the best highlights from last night's games, why do I need SportsCenter anymore?  Then again, WeShow's sports channels aren't exactly bursting with content just yet and I'm sure the various leagues will be protective of their clips.

Nevertheless, I like what WeShow is doing for the world of video and I wish someone would wake up and do the same for the blogosphere.  Where's the comparable blog directory, filled with channels covering all interests and managed by people, not algorithms?!  (Btw, Technorati is NOT the answer to this question!)


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