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Ryan Sholin on The Future of Newspapers

Newspaper_stackRyan Sholin is the voice behind the the Invisible Inkling blog.  His latest post is a wake-up call for everyone in the newspaper business.  It's a "top 10 list", but not your typical one.  The first 9 items talk about things newspaper people simply need to get past.  For example, the Google genie is out of the bottle, so quit whining and focus on the future.

You might think the entire list is a smackdown of sorts for all those asleep at the wheel in the newspaper biz.  It's not.  Item #10 is an optimistic look at the future with examples of who's doing things right.

Great job, Ryan!


Tom Britt

Newspapers have been losing online traffic for the last 18 months according to If you track their 5-year rank and traffic stats, they have been slowly declining over the last 18 months in spite of their online push to remain relevant.

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